Hans K. Gossel

Geranienstr. 70

D-85521 Hohenbrunn-Riemerling

Telephone: +49 - (0)89 - 6016747

Telefax:      +49 - (0)89 – 66000399

Competent Bar Association (Anwaltskammer):
Rechtsanwaltskammer für den Oberlandesgerichtsbezirk München,
Landwehrstr. 61, 80336 München

Sanibel/Florida, February 2009

As graduate engineer and attorney at law I have been advising and representing clients since 1969 in the following areas of intellectual property and commercial law:

The focus of my services is the work on cases relating to mechanical engineering and electronics.

I am preparing, filing and defending intellectual property rights and I am representing my clients in infrigement proceedings throughout Germany.


         I was born 1935 in Berlin.


1955 – 1959 Law Schools of the Universities of Tübingen, Freiburg and Kiel;

1959 First State Examination in Law;

1964 Second State Examination in Law;

1961/62 and 1965-1967 Studies of General Mechanical Engineering in Hannover.

Scholarships and Awards:


1965 – 1967 Scholarship Recipient of the Stiftung-Volkswagenwerk;

1967 Diploma Examination with Award of the the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Technical University Hannover.

Professional Experience:

1964/65 and 67/68 Judge, ending in the Patent Infrigement Chamber of the District Court Munich I;

1969 admission to the Bar of the District Courts of Munich I and II;

since 1969 partner of the law firm Lorenz.Seidler.Gossel and from 1991 to 2003  senior partner;

1973 admittance to the Bar of the Munich Court of Appeals and of the Bavarian Supreme Court.

In 1989 I have extended  the law firm Lorenz.Seidler.Gossel by hiring  the first Patent Attorney.On July 1, 2003 I retired from Lorenz.Seidler.Gossel. Since then I am only representing clients, who are not or have not been clients of Lorenz.Seidler.Gossel.